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Vashikaran Mantra For Boyfriend

In order to help you getting your true love back in your life again, Vashikaran has some of the most powerful applications. Vashikaran mantra for boyfriend is one of the most trending and highly obtained mantras from Vashikaran specialists like Guru Ji. It is a specialized means to gain control over the lost attraction of your boyfriend that might be because of multiple reasons. Remember, this practice should not be used to harm any individual but only be used to gain the attraction back. Aasaan achook upay to get ex boyfriend back in life.

The boyfriend, who was once really caring for you, might have changed his mind to get separated just because of his growing attraction towards any other girl in his life. But, if you really love him and are not willing to get apart at any cost, Vashikaran mantra for boyfriend will definitely serve you amazingly. Guru Ji offers the most prominent and the most promising vashikaran mantra for boyfriend, girlfriend, wife and husband too. He is known to provide some easiest remedies.

Astrological home remedies to control boyfriend

If you want to vashikaran, attract or control boyfriend then this vashikaran prayog to attract a girl or boy within 48 hours can help for you.
It is extremely easy and simple vashikaran Prayog [ 48 Ghante Me Vashikaran] and the best thing of all is that it works in just 48 hours and in 48 hours you will surely receive some sign or indication about the success of the vashikaran prayog in attracting your desired boy or girl lover. Do vashikaran at home to get ex boyfriend back.

Vashikaran To Attract a Boy or Girl in Just 48 Hours.

This vashikaran mantra prayog is very rare and hardly failing because it is been given by a great saints and sages in vedic kaal who were lived in dense and remote locations. The Yogis had never shared this lal kitab totka with anyone but after repeated attempts and requests, they shared it.

If done properly with expert’s guiedance, this vashikaran mantra prayog can never fail, however, it will never work if practiced for wrongful and malicious purposes. Or to harm anyone or to take revence from someone. This should be used to get true love back only.

Perform this Prayog only on Mondays.

This is lal kitab easy vashikaran upay to get boyfriend immediately.

Go to a Aak Tree also called Madar Ka Ped in Hindi and write the name of both the persons i.e. the name of practitioner (doer) and the desired lover name on 2 different leaves with turmeric paste using a matchstick and tie both the leaves using a kalwa and pour milk on it and the aak tree and pray in the manner like below.

Hey Vrikshraj Apki Kripa Se Is Amuk (Desired) Ladki Ya Ladke Ko Mere Vash Me Kare. Ye Meri Har Baat Mane.

हे वृक्षराज आप अपनी कृपा से इस अमुक (take desired girl or boy’s name in place of Amuk) लड़की या लड़के को मेरे वश में करें. ये मेरी हर बात माने.

You can do this prayer in your own local language (Punjabi, Tamil, Kannad, Telugu) or any dialect or in your own words.

Then return back to your home and do not go near that plant nor open the tied leaves.

One thing to remember is that nobody should stop or see or interrupt you when you are performing this vashikaran prayog.

Call or Email us below question before performing this upaya.

Which side of matchstic should use?
How to make haldi paste?
When and where to perform this totka?

The Mantra: For easy vashikaran mantra done at home to get my boyfriend back from his wife or another girlfriend

On Hum (Lover Name) May Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha||


Om Namoh Kat Vikat Ghor Rupini (Lover Name) Say Vashmay Swaha||


The aforementioned mantra is supposed to be recited for at least 21 times during the day or night. Do not forget to apply tilak on the forehead that will help to increase the feeling or love and care. Remember, the mantra will certainly work wonders and give you the best possible results only if the words of the mantra are pronounced accurately. If you do not want to experience any harm while or after reciting the mantra, it is always advisable to consult and get professional assistance of a specialized person like Guru Ji.

The appropriate performing of this Vashikaran mantra for boyfriend will surely help to get back your love with ease, get control over the mind of your ex boyfriend and get rid of every type of trouble and quarrels between your ex boyfriend and you. Visit Guru Ji today and experience the best desired results.

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